Basic Stress Management tricks: Proven formula

What is stress?

Stress management is important because stress is a feeling of discomfort and physical tension. It is our body’s response to a life situation. Stress could be workplace-related or in general response to people’s behavior and thoughts. Stress is a normal part of our life and, a small amount of stress could be helpful, but if it prolongs for a longer period it could be damaging.

There are multiple stress management tricks & techniques to check the stress level, among them is the stress test. During the stress test, the main intention of the Doctors is to find out the heart rates of the patients, Also blood pressure and, breathing. They observe how the patient is tired under the various levels of physical activity. The stress test also involves an electrocardiography (ECG/EKG) test. These tests are very simple that count hearts electric activities.

You do not need to worry, this stress management article will educate you, what are the stress management tricks & techniques.

What causes stress?

Stress is different for everyone. What causes you stress may not even bother another person. So any thought, emotion, or situation that causes stress is called stressors. Stressors can be both positive as well as negative.

External factors that cause stress could be losing a job, getting bullied at school or college, financial issues, relationship problems, death of a loved one, etc. These are emotional signs of stress. However, not everything that causes stress is external, but there are internal factors too. Excessive thinking, negativity, irrationality, and pessimistic thoughts can cause a lot of stress. In the end, what causes stress largely depends on how you perceive any situation.

Why stress is bad?

Stress can be both acute stress and chronic stress. You could be stressed for a short span, or it can stretch for a longer period. There is nothing to worry about acute stress as it lasts for a short time but chronic stress could prove very destructive to the body. Our body has a built-in mechanism to respond to a stressful situation known as “fight-or-flight response”. However prolonged use of this mechanism can be harmful to the body. Chronic stress can cause physical problems like headaches, muscle tension, high blood pressure, and digestion problems. It can lead to more severe problems like heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, reproductive disease, etc. chronic stress can also lead to emotional problems like anxiety, irregular sleep pattern, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts. People try to relieve their stress by unhealthy food habits, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; this can prove harmful to the body in the long run.

How to Manage stress or deal with stress effectively?

Identify the stressors

The first step towards stress management is identifying the source of your stress. It is comparatively easy to recognize the external factors, but it is rather important to understand our behavior. Close observation of our thoughts, emotions, and habits will help to understand the stressors.

Letting things go

There are certain stressors that you can’t avoid or prevent. It is important to understand that many things in life cannot be controlled like other people’s behavior or the death of a loved one. In such situations, it is better to let things go and move on with life. It may be difficult at the start but will surely help in the long run.

Stress Management exercise

Exercise reduces the levels of stress hormones in our body and boosts the production of endorphins. A greater amount of Endorphins helps you to feel positive, enthusiastic, energized; thus staying focused on any task. Aerobic exercises like running, dancing, and spinning are high-energy activities that accelerate heart rate thus leading to the release of endorphins. Doing yoga every day can also help to relieve stress. Team sports like cricket, football, or basketball are the great ways to ease out stress which also helps you to spend fun time with friends and family. Other outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, give a break from the routine and helps to calm the mind.

Another exercise tool is Stress balls they are like small egg-shaped objects, made of malleable gel, squeezing the balls release your tension and in turn, helps to relieve stress. These balls boost blood circulation and effective for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Also, the stress balls are used for meditation as well. This is the best exercise considered for stressed-out people, that helps stress relief.

Balanced diet for Stress Management

Healthy bodies are better prepared to cope with stress. So avoid junk food and consumption of caffeine, soft drinks, and sugar, chocolate, and alcoholic beverages. Instead opt for healthy fruits, vegetables. Having a balanced and nutritious diet keeps your body and mind healthy thus keeping stress away.

Cultivate a hobby.

Nurturing a hobby is necessary. It is important to make from our busy schedules for activities that make us happy. It could include a variety of things like dancing, singing, painting, cooking, gardening, knitting, reading, playing any instruments. It is important to have some ‘me time’ every day.

Get enough sleep and rest.

Learn to manage your time more effectively.

Seek social support. Spend quality times with friends and family.

Practice meditation and deep breathing.

If needed, don’t be shy to seek professional help. Talking to therapists or mental health professionals trained in stress management will help you to cope with stress.

Keep a positive attitude and accept that certain things are beyond our control.