BACKGROUND OF CHILD CARE: How to plan for a child & its care

Children are a gift of the god, they are like flowers of the garden- that is – this world, and we all would like them to blossom fully. children are closer to god. And so their divine laughter always enchanting. If we want to stop wars and unnecessary killings on this planet, we all must start taking care of children not only of their physical health but also of their mental health and make sure when they grow up, they have a healthy and happy approach towards their life.

The care of a child does not start after its birth. Even before the baby is conceived in the mother’s womb, both the parents must take care to see to it that they are in the proper health condition of mind and body so that the child to be born does not inherit any disease of the mind or body.

Planning of children: This could be considered among three parts

1) Before conception.

2) During consumption.

3) after consumption.

(a) Parenthood should be planned properly and should not be a matter of accident. Oral contraceptives can be harmful and also have side effects. This is never recommended by a doctor.

(b) Acupressure therapy should be started before three months to conceive, to ensure their proper health. Also need to cure their possible disease that they are going through.

(c)Recommended copper, silver, or gold one glass of water each day.

(d) The wife must have regular five to seven menstruations before conceiving.

How to get the child of the desired sex:

Ayurveda has claimed that if someone follows the following methods then the couple will get them the child of the desired sex.

a). The day on which menses are seen is to be counted as the first day.

b). The couple should strictly avoid intercourse during the period of menstruation.

c). For getting a baby boy: The husband should lie with his wife on his left side for fifteen minutes so that he would be breathing with his right nostril before the intercourse. This should be done on i.e. 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, and 14th.

d). for getting a baby girl: The husband should lie with his wife on his right side for fifteen minutes, that he would be breathing with his left nostril before the intercourse. This should be done on odd dates i.e. 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, and 15th.

If intercourse is done during the later days like 10-15 there are good possibilities to conceive and the child to be born will be healthier, said Ayurveda.

e). Proper care and nourishment should be focused on once the mother gets conceived. In her diet seasonal fruits, dark green leafy vegetables should be included, so that she gets natural calcium. She should drink more milk and eat bananas. If possible avoid the pills of cal. Getting calcium by natural product is the best for both baby and mother too. If sufficient diet and plenty of sleep are taken, during the pregnancy. The child to be born will not have any problem with teeth and bone development in the future. Some research determined that if a properly controlled diet is taken then the child will have fewer cravings for sweet things such as biscuits, chocolates, etc.

f). To reduce the possibility of miscarriage the expectant mother should practice acupressure therapy regularly, this will lead to good health and freedom from diseases.

g). Walking for 2-3 Km daily or some light exercise is very important for an expectant mother.

h). Also if the mother drinks Gold, silver, iron, copper charged water, two glasses reduce from four glasses. This will ensure that the baby to be born will reduce the chances of the baby being blind and that of retardedness, or muscular dystrophy, etc. after its birth.

h). The child starts learning in the mother’s womb, so that expectant mothers should read books, try to be cheerful, listen to music, art, religion, and culture, etc.

i). The husband is also responsible equally to keep his wife happy, during her vital periods of pregnancy.

Care after the birth of a baby

Proper nourishment and rest will solve many problems of a child’s growth. Also, there won’t be any major problem of health, if Acupressure treatment is given on the soles of the baby only for 3-4 minutes.

Children are very close to nature and the requirements of a good crop. viz... good seed. enough water and light are also essentials for children's growth.

Care and treatment of children from the age of day 1 to 14 years.

All doctors recommend only breastfeeding to the child at least for 9 to 12 months. To get sufficient milk, the mother should specifically take care of her diet, nourishing food, and drink iron, copper, gold, silver charged water, Otherwise, take hot meals twice a day if nothing is possibly mentioned above. She should not forget about acupressure therapy to be away from the disease and tension.

If the mother has less milk production in her body then preferable milk ( Goat’s, camel’s, or cow’s milk only) is to be given to the baby. Also, add a little water to the milk before it is given to the baby.

Care should be taken at the time of teething between 7-9 months.

Wash the child’s clothes daily and ensure sterilization of the clothes is done once in 3 days. Keep the clothes in boiled water, add a few Dettol drops, and wash them. Make sure clothes are dried up in a home where no dust will be flown. Maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene, change the diapers, napkin, etc., every time. When the child urinates or passes stools then clean the part with only wet cloths to ensure rashes over the parts.

Water: Boiled water is preferred, because most of the time, many diseases spread through the water only.

Sleep for the first year: The immunity of the child improves when the child gets enough sleep and nourishment, it is the most vital child of every age specifically up to 12 months.

Air and sun: When the child is 3 months old. Give a massage to the child and put in the sun after 90 minutes of sunrise at least for 10-15 minutes. Also, take the child out to get fresh air daily. It’s been proven that plants, the sun, air, and animals play an important role in the development of the human body.

Bath and soup: Before bathing gives a massage to the baby. Use lukewarm water for the bath, do not use soap excessively.

Sugar: The use of sugar has increased nowadays, Avoid sugar when the baby is 1 year old. Hence sugar can be used, (crystal sugar or jaggery). If it is added to the milk at the time of boiling it will help in preventing cold and cough. Do not use sugar after boiling the milk.

Cold drinks. Ice cream and chocolates: It should be avoided by the parents. The best way to give lukewarm milk thrice a day. Give the child bitter powder like’ Sudarshan’ which will enhance the digestive system and prevent worms.

Diet for child

Day 1 to 3 months old: Milk (breastfeeding) Otherwise goat’s, cow’s, camel’s milk.

4 months to nine months: (breastfeeding) Otherwise goat’s, cow’s, camel’s milk plus seasonal fruit juice, mashed rice, and banana.

10 months to 15 months: When the child starts chewing, give (breastfeeding) Otherwise goat’s, cow’s, camel’s milk. Mashed rice, khichadi, and potatoes. Whole wheat bread or chapati.

16 months to 15 years: Sprouted pulses like mung. Chinese green peas, grams. Food like protein all kinds of nuts and seasonal fruits. One glass of milk daily.

This way the background of child care can be understood.