Top 10 benefits of daily yoga: steps for beginners.

Daily treatment of acupressure is to be taken on the two palms or the two soles:

All the points on two palms are up to 1 inch below the wrists and up to one inch around the ankles. So without worrying about where the different points are located just go on pressing both the palms or soles/(front & Back) for five minutes. Who are above 40, two minutes of pressure on a one-inch circle between the wrist and the elbow of the right hand should be taken.

This treatment can be taken at any time in any position and should be made a part of one’s daily routine. Before taking this treatment, check the solar plexus and correct it, if necessary. Over and above this treatment, the following exercise may be done for maintaining good health, strengthening the endocrine glands, and keeping the body fit & supple.

1. Spot jogging: Running at one spot elevates heart rates and improves blood sugar percentage. start with 1 minute daily and reach 2-3 minutes. Joining on a spot has the advantage of burning calories. This method is used to lose belly fat, Some fat burning exercises burn calories excessively than other regular exercises. This is a very simple exercise and can be done at any place.

2.Sarvangasana: As Ayurveda has claimed that doing yoga regularly keeps you fit and internal organs too. Sarvangasana has its benefits such as it calms your brain and helps in releasing the stress level. It takes you out from the mild depression. Also reduces fatigue and alleviates insomnia. Here are directions on how it is done. Lie on the back, lift the legs straight up, and then support the body with your hands till you come to the position as shown in the image. It’s useful to the throat, head, and the full-body through proper blood circulation.

3.Halasan: Lie down on the back, take stretched legs behind to touch the ground as shown in the image. It is useful to the spine and digestive organs and stimulates the abdomen. Organs and the thyroid gland. Reduces stress and fatigue.

4.Padpaschimottanasan: Sit with stretched legs, bend forward, touch the toes with the finger-tips, bend further till you reach the position as shown in the image. After this try to touch the knees, with the forehead. Useful to digestive organs and the spine. Stimulates the liver, uterus, and kidney.

5.Pavanmuktasan: Lie down, on your back. Bend the legs and bring them inside, clasp them with the hand. Bring the head up to touch the knees as shown in the image. Cures gas trouble. It is an effective lower back pain problem, improves digestion and relieves constipation, improves blood circulation, reduces fat in different parts of the body.

6.Bhujangasan: This is easy to learn to lie on the stomach, pull the hands below the shoulder. Raise your head and the trunk from the front till you come to the position as shown in the image. Every Model secretly admires the Bhujangasan. It is the best yoga asana to get a flat belly also useful to digestive organs and the spine.

7.Shalabhasan: Lift the head and the legs and come to the position as shown in the image place your hands (with closed fits) on your hips. Useful to digestive organ the spine and the abdomen.

8.Dhanurasan: Lie down on the stomach. Hold the legs with the hands. Pull up the abdomen as shown in the figure below. Useful to the whole sciatic nerve, digestive organ, lungs, and abdomen.

9.Sinhasan/sinhmudra: Bending the legs sit tight. Open the mouth, take out the tongue, force it out as far as possible, (refer to the image) Useful to the throat and eyes, and improves facial beauty.

10. Stand erect keeping a distance of 12 inches between the two legs. Raise the hands. Then twist to the left as fast as possible, giving jerk. Come to the above position. Twit to the right as fast as possible. Come back. Repeat it 10 times. This exercise is very helpful for activating the spleen and the liver.

In conclusion: 300millions of people around the world do yoga and became fit, you can start yoga too with these simple steps and teach to your loving ones.